As a major national academicand medical institute for cardiovascular diseases, Fuwai Hospital is the homeof State Key Laboratory of CardiovascularDisease. Thereare three key laboratories at ministerial level – KeyLab. for Regenerative Medicine, Key Lab. Of Clinical Trial Research inCardiovascular Drugs and Key Lab. of Clinical Cardiovascular Genetics and threeresearch technological platforms – Core Lab., Pathological and PhysiologicalLab and Animal Experiment Center – to be opened to nationwide. So FuwaiHospital provides innovativepatient-centered care to prevent, diagnose and treat CVD. It integratesclinical, hospital care and population prevention with research and education. Sixty-three million five hundred thousand dollars was granted to theprinciple investigator of projects for “973”, “863” and “The Eleventh’s FiveYears” from Fuwai Hospital in recent years, and only in the year of 2011, morethan nineteen million dollars was granted to us. Of the many projects, 6clinical excellence and scientific achievement prizes at the national level were awarded.  More than 126 research activitiesare annually published in the international peer-reviewed journals. With thehighest impact factor is about 14.43. The number of cited Fuwai hospital’s publishedpaper is at the fifth place among the hospitals nationwide, reported by Institute ofScientific and Technical Information of China. And during 2001-2010, it is twelfth.

The institution also focuses on the prevention and health improvement. It cooperates with over 40 related organizations from 22 provinces to have developed standardized community management network for prevention and treatment of hypertension disease nationwide. We have compiled and published CVD Report of China, Chinese Hypertension Treatment and Prevention Guide, Chinese Adult Dyslipidemia Treatment and Prevention Guide, which are helpful to investigate and clarify the trend, strategies and measures for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors.