Facts & Figures

The institution employs2551 medical and supporting staff members, and owns 788,160 square foot facility, housing 8 research labsor centers, 23 administration offices, 37 wards, 19 operation rooms, 2 hybridoperation rooms, 11 Cath Labs and 11 ICUs with total 967 beds, supervised by 14Clinical Centers and 3 Management Committees of Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology,and Imaging Diagnosis. The hospital has state-of-the-art medical instruments for accessory medical examination ofcardiovascular diseases, for example, cardiacMRI scanner and 64-slice cardiac CT scanner.

The institution isone of the world’s largest centers and also the top center nationwide fordiagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, in particular, alltypes of complex, rare or uncommon cardiovascular diseases. Our facility services over 490,000 outpatients and emergency patient,cares for more than 42,000 inpatients, performs about 10,107 open heartprocedures and 10.649 cases of PCI in 2011.With the “Double Ten-thousand Cases Annually”, Fuwai Hospital is recognized asthe unique one for such large volume procedures world-wide.