Fu Wai's Vision

Working together, sharing resources, knowledge and experiences, implementing new programs, services and technologies to meet the highest standards for medical care and healthy improvement.

Since Fu Wai Hospital was established in 1956, the scientific, medical and administrative leaders realize the ways to more effectively serve the public, and provide staff members, fellows with tools and methodologies to apply existing clinical information to medical practice to enhance patient care.

For the consecutive years, through Fu Wai people's efforts, Fu Wai has been ranked No. 1 choice of hospital for cardiovascular diseases and hyptelension in China.

Why so many patients come to Fu Wai Hospital from all over China, the main reason is to seek help with the diagnosis and treatment of difficult medical problems in cardiovascular diseases.

Because of its expertise, reputation for thoroughness, team practice, which give people all of the opinions, tests, treatments they need in a coordinated way.

The Base of Seven National Academic Organizations

Fu Wai is also the base of the following organizations

· National Center for Cardiovascular Disease (NCCD), Ministry of Health, China.

· National Training Center for Cardiac Surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Pacing and Electro-physiology, Chinese Medical Association.

· WHO Beijing Training Center for Cardiac Surgery.

· Cardiovascular Institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

· Chinese Circulation Journal

· Chinese Journal of Pacing & Electro-physiology.

· Molecular Cardiology of China.

Fu Wai has trained many cardiologists and cardiac surgeons all over China